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True Enforced Chastity Stories From Men And Women Who Use Chastity Belts
“I actually found the idea of a chastity belt quite humiliating at first. However I knew that my past record left much to be desired. I also know that I am quite weak minded and can easily be lead into a tempting situation. This had occurred during our engagement and unfortunately I was caught out. The idea of a belt then meant I would have to humiliate my self to some stranger or friend that I was wanting to bed. We saw these belts in London and were tempted. The belt arrived some six weeks later and was put to the test. It was uncomfortable and bodily functions were awkward. At first. It took some practice but my husband was supportive. A few major messes were cleaned up! But the first time he was away and I was encased without any support life was scary to say the least. That was two days. It was pleasant removing it when my husband returned and making passionate love. It was even more fun cleaning myself properly again. My husband is away for five days and four nights at a time and this has gone on now for some years. He encases me prior to departing and unencases me on his return. Usually in the car at the airport. This is a great relief. I have had many embarrassing moments at security checkpoints but no real problems have been encountered. I have overcome the embarrassment and it usually leaves the security embarrassed. I have not ventured near an airport as this could potentially be more serious and embarrassing. All in all I have become used to the belt and wouldn't wish it on my dearest friend but it does keep me on the straight and narrow. My husbands job is about to change and I may find myself undone soon. Bliss. Corsets on the other hand I wear on my own volition and love them. These I would recommend to anyone anytime.”

“My girl friend has worn a chastity belt for about 3 years now, with durations of up to 4 months. How she (we) wound up wearing a steel belt: Her mother offered her a "deal" she would pay for college, apartment, living expenses, and a car if Sara would wear "something special" while she was away from home. That something special is a steel chastity belt. After Sarah agreed by signing a non-revocable contract, she was measured and eventually had the belt "installed" in time for her to move to the university. When I met Sarah over a year ago, she eventually asked me what I thought about chastity belts. I replied I thought that they should be in wider use, and it was too bad that there wasn't one made for men as well. After showing me hers, she asked " if there were one for men would you wear it?" When I replied sure, she just smiled. She then obtained the address from her mother, who when told, offered to pay for my belt. Last spring I had mine "installed" and her mother has both sets of keys. I can get out by driving a couple of hours, if I need to, but except for a few minor problems I have gotten used to wearing it. Her mother says we will get the keys when we graduate the university, or get married.”

“Ever since I was unfaithful to my partner, she has required that I wear a chastity device in her absence. I have tried many different devices, but the one that works best for us was to have my penis pierced (horizontal frenum piercing) through which my partner places a gold and silver "heart" lock about 3 cm in diameter to which only she has the key (when I am unlocked and it is her pleasure, she inserts a gold "barbell" stud with small 0.3 cm gold balls on the ends before we have sex for her heightened enjoyment). When the lock is worn it is too large to permit sex with other women (or men) and there is no problem with urination or defecation. I have worn the lock for weeks at a time. It is a mild and constant irritation, and I am quite ready for it to come off and satisfy my partner.”

“Chastity belts have had my interest for a damn long time. I would say already since my childhood. Why? Beats me. Shortly after finding a web site in which several chastity belts for men were introduced, I began looking around for a nice piece of work like that. The design I liked best was the one from Walter Goethals. The reason is simple and charming: it seemed to be not only secure, but looked damn nice too (Professional deformation). Meanwhile (after waiting a damn long half year) I've received the thing, and at the moment I'm also wearing it. Andrea has the key, and she has already driven home (I'm in the office at the moment). One thing I noticed about wearing a chastity belt I haven't read anywhere else. There seem to be (at least with me) also some *positive* medical indications about wearing a CB. Since birth I have a Phimosis (constriction of the foreskin). Which means normal intercourse is quite painful for me (non arousing pain): first the foreskin tightens around the glans, and second my glans never was in the opportunity to get used to being touched. Touching the glans with something else than e.g. rubber or metal is agony! I have the chastity belt almost one week now, and have worn it continually, minus a few hours for insuring health. (An incredibly good feeling to be *real* horny after many years.) But with the Goethals belt (which by the way fits like a glove!) it is necessary that the foreskin is retracted. With a lot of cream on the glans I tried it at last, and look: it worked. But not only that. The next morning I removed the belt and had to establish that the foreskin could easily be pulled back over the glans while my penis was erect; that had never happened before!!! The pretty thing had to have widened somehow... At night I wore the belt again and had some problems for the first time. (Probably a hair had gotten stuck in the belt, that's why I took it off next morning and looked.) On the day I didn't wear it, at night I did. The day before yesterday I wanted to try if the belt became more comfortable after some adjustments (it didn't). Because of that I had to put it on and off several times, and while I washed and creamed I accidentally touched the thing without hurting! It probably sounds pretty stupid, but imagine becoming 32 without ever touching your clitoris without great pain. It was like a revelation for me. The health consequences of CB's are already been discussed many times, but not the positive influences. It might be quite interesting to see what experiences others have ... Apart from the main target, having more fun at sex, *normal* intercourse will probably become possible with pleasure (without condom). (If Andrea will ever let me out of the belt again: she slowly seems to enjoy the thing ever more, -gulp-.)”

“My husband has been my full-time slave for about 3yrs now - he's always been a bit submissive sexually, and I am quite dominant, so I decided to try and extend his limits slowly! Obviously he is mostly agreeable to the changes he is going through, and his current situation is as follows: He is fully feminised at home, in that he dresses as a woman (usually I require him to wear a corset...down to 22inch waist... sorry 55-58cms..stockings, bra and silicone breast forms, and often he must remain like that whilst he serves me) and often I take him out as a woman also. He has been a full-time chastity belt wearer for about 2yrs now (a male tolly) and is only allowed out to wash etc.. he is never allowed to touch his genitals, and when he bathes, I wash his penis etc wearing a pair of rubber gloves.... he also has not been allowed an orgasm for 8mths, and is now quite settled as he is. He has not been allowed to have intercourse with me for several months, but is required to perform oral service at least once daily. Obviously I do still enjoy vaginal sex, but my husband is happy to be humiliated and is occasionally allowed to watch me using another male slave. We have discussed his further service at length, and both of us feel that castration may be a good thing!... it will remove any unwanted male desires, and probably also the need for a chastity belt, and also remove the unsightly bulge of his testicles whenever he is allowed to wear panties.”

“My girlfriend (now wife) agreed to wear a chastity belt about 2 months ago. We got her a Tollyboy FGA-200 with the dildo plug and the full secondary shield. She took to it in 24 hours, first. Then, 48, and now she is wearing it all the time she is not having sex with me. All hygene functions are possible. She has learned how to empty the shield for her peroids, so it is not nessecary to remove. She sometimes resists when I taunt her, trying to twist and remove the belt. The belt does it's job, and it prevents anal as vell as vaginal sex. When I do release her to have vaginal sex, if she's good, she can have sex with me. If not, there’s the local anaesthetic to numb her. I then pinch her hard to make sure she's totally numb before sex. The key is with me at all times. There's a spare in the house somewhere, in case of a medical emergency. My only suggestion is iit could be converted into more of a BDSM thing by adding dog training collard set on low to tease. Get the chastity bra and put one in each, there, too. Then, you press the remote is she bites the nust too hard, and she will back right off. She's my wife now, and she still wears it full time. She is extremely easy to tempt, so she wears it 24/7 except when I’m having sex.”
Male And Female Chastity Belts And Chastity Devices For BDSM Sexual Pleasure
True Enforced Chastity Stories From Men And Women Who Use Chastity Belts
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